New Houses Available For Sale in Poteet, Texas

Whether you’re looking for your dream home to turn into reality or an investment property, we have a diverse selection of homes for sale to suit your needs. Our houses come with modern amenities and special features, including well-designed kitchens, spacious bedrooms, lush gardens, and more. We also provide low-interest financing for your homes to make the process hassle-free. Browse through our various home plans in Poteet, Texas at affordable prices –

Houses in progress:

121 Growers Ave.     (Country lane) 

($414,000) $20,000 Builders incentive at closing

4 bed 3 bath

101 Growers Ave.   (Fragaria) 

($394,000) $20,000 Builders incentive at closting

4 bed 3 baths

112 Troubadour ln.  (Country Lane)

($414,000) with a $20,000 Builders incentive

4 bed 3 baths

109 Troubadour ln.    (Farmers 1873sqft) 

($380,000) with a $20,000 Builders incentive

4 bed 3 baths

House Lots Available at Strawberry Fields Texas

Subdivision lots for unit 1

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